Bola Olabisi

Over 20 years experience of putting science, engineering and technology (SET) at the heart of society. Her experience includes community investment, effectively carrying out marketing events and enhancing campaign management strategies. She has also played a key role in helping to shape national policies with government departments and various stakeholders in order to raise awareness of the issues, address any challenges and encourage long term investment with solutions. She has contributed on several occasions to the promotion of applying SET holistically in commercialising ideas, innovation, skills development, employment opportunities leading to an improved quality of life for many. As a social entrepreneur and consultant, she has worked on various projects devoted to diversity, bridging the gender gap, knowledge transfer and the building of sustainable infrastructures in communities. Her experience stems from working mainly in Africa, Europe & Asia with a good understanding of the issues concerning the SET sectors in disadvantaged communities and regions.

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GSB UCT, Cape Town
November 7-8
September 30
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